Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience should I have? 


Almost all club members entered with absolutely zero ballroom dance experience, and most don't have experience in any kind of dance. Our lessons are designed for complete beginners.

Do I need to bring a partner with me?


Nope!  While we would love if you brought a friend, there is no partner requirement.  Most people come without one!


What should I bring with me/wear to my first practice?


The most important thing is to wear a pair of comfortable, sturdy shoes that won't stick on the floor. Flats and tennis shoes usually work best, and some people choose to just wear socks. For clothes, wear something you can move in easily, and make sure to avoid possible wardrobe malfunctions (Ex: Flowy skirts and dresses are super fun to dance in, but please wear shorts underneath!).


What's the time commitment?


That is entirely up to you.  All of our events are optional, and we have some people that come once a week, some that come four days a week, and some that we see once in a blue moon. We're here to make dancing a happy experience, not a stressful one.


If I join the club, do I have to compete?


Absolutely not.  Many club members have been to at least one competition, but we are also a social club.  That being said, competitions are a ton of fun and always involve a road trip, so if you're at all interested, we highly suggest that you try it out.


Do I have to try out to go to a competition?  Is there a ballroom team?


Nope; we are not that fancy.  If you pay your competitive dues, you're in!


How much are dues?


Only $15 per semester for social dues.  If you decide you want to go to competition, there is an extra $10 fee to help cover registration fees. 

Can I still participate if I am not a member of the W&M community?


While we would love it if everyone who wanted to could come dance with us, we have to limit our practice area to people affiliated with W&M. 

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