Social Events

Bigs & Littles

Though not required, most club members do participate in Bigs & Littles and have a great time!  After filling out a survey, you'll be matched up with a returning club member.  During Clue Week, your Big will secretly provide you with helpful (or not so helpful) hints about who he/she is. Clues usually involve notes, favorite foods, and other fun items.  At the end of the week we have Revelation, during which you'll have the chance to guess who your Big is (no worries if you're wrong; most people are!)  You'll receive a mask in the color of your family, which is made up of the Bigs and Littles of previous generations of club members. 


The purpose of Bigs & Littles is to give you a friend to help you navigate the club and dancing in general.  Should you decide to stick around (and we hope you will), you'll get the chance to adopt your own Little!


A practice competition just for our newbies!  We dress up in semi-competition attire and have our returning members/alumni run it and help judge.  There are callbacks, fun dances, and even an award ceremony with ribbons!  This event is a great opportunity to check out if you might be interested in competition or just want have a good time with your friends!  

Social Dances

Often we will carpool or take a W&M van to a social dance at a nearby studio.  These are usually preceded by a beginner lesson and are rarely more than $10 (and are often discounted for students!)  Social dances are a great way to learn new moves, meet new people, and dance on a floor actually intended for ballroom dancing (read: not covered in dust).

Weekend Shenanigans

Throughout the semester we host several non-dancing social events, such as movie nights and beach trips. These will be announced on Facebook and in our weekly emails, so keep an eye out!


At the end of the year, we get dressed up (which, for a ballroom club, isn't all that different than dressing normally) and have a formal dance. We also hold our senior goodbye for our club members who are about to graduate.

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